Close Up Magic

Close-Up Magic is my absolute passion. I believe that good Close Up Magicians perform some of the most intriguing and fascinating magic in the world today.

Close Up Magic has an intimacy about it which can be lost on a stage. A close-up magician performs right before his spectators’ eyes. He has nothing to hide behind but his own performance skills… and that’s a situation I love.


I perform my close-up magic entirely with everyday objects. I work exclusively with what my spectators and I happen to have in our pockets. Magic simply doesn’t get more personal than that.

To add an extra layer of fascination, I love to blend my sleight-of-hand with psychological principles drawn from the art of mentalism. These “mind-magic demonstrations” are often strong enough to make spectators gasp in disbelief.

Is Close-Up Magic Right For My Event?

Close Up Magicians can be described in a variety of ways. You may have heard the terms “Table Magicians“, “Mix and Mingle Magicians” or “Sleight-of-Hand Magicians.” These phrases demonstrate perfectly the versatility of Close Up Magic and the array of situations and events that it can enhance.

Close Up Magic is perfectly portable and easy to employ exactly when and where it’s needed. Rather than demanding attention from a stage, it involves those who wish to be involved while bypassing anyone who doesn’t. It requires no specialist equipment or lengthy set-up.

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