Wedding Magician for Hire

Professional Wedding Magic is an increasingly popular way to bring guests together, break the ice between strangers or simply add fun and entertainment to a modern wedding or civil partnership.

Personally, I love performing at weddings. The buzz that I get on the day, coupled with the feedback that I receive tells me that, of all the types of events that I work at, a wedding is where I can make the most difference.

To get a feel for my performance style, you can check out my Video Showreels. (The one entitled “A Magical Proposition” is pretty romantic.)  Or you can also find out more about me in general by visiting my Professional Magician Home Page.

Wedding Magic and When to Use It

Wedding Magicians can be used throughout your day but I suggest three points during a traditional wedding day which can particularly benefit from the skills of a professional wedding magician.

Wedding Magic at the Reception

Following the wedding ceremony the couple are usually occupied with wedding photography and this period can be a little slow for those not involved.  This an ideal time for a Wedding Magician to mingle with small groups of guests, performing short bursts of Close Up Magic.

I pay particular attention to guests at a ‘loose end’ and try to involve them with other groups.  Close Up Magic can provide a real talking point to help guests get to know each other. The skill of a good strolling wedding entertainer at the reception can really help to set the tone for a great wedding day

Wedding Magic at the Wedding Breakfast

Necessity dictates that strangers will often be seated next to each other during the meal. By working between courses, (never while people are eating) I can help to alleviate awkward silences by performing short sets of Close Up Magic at each table. The applause from around the tables adds an air of expectation to those awaiting a performance and helps to generate an upbeat, unselfconscious atmosphere around the room.

By working in harmony with the waiting staff, I perform first to those waiting longest for their courses. This helps the meal to run as smoothly as possible.

Wedding Magic at the Evening Reception

When the anxiety of the speeches and the ceremony has been forgotten, the evening reception is a time to relax and have fun. This can be a great opportunity for your guests to enjoy some good fun close-up magic in a ‘mix and mingle’ style.  A skilled professional magician performing throughout your evening reception can really help to finish your wedding day in style.

Contact me today to find out more about what my wedding magic could offer to your big day.