Simon Alexander: Professional Magician

Welcome to my site! You’ve just taken the first step towards making your next event extraordinary.  Honestly, well done!

I’m Simon Alexander, a professional magician who creates unforgettable moments of astonishment at events worldwide. Whether making an impact at a grand corporate gala, bringing guests together at a beautiful wedding, or creating a buzz at an intimate private party, I entertain with super-slick close-up magic and mind-blowing stage performances.  And if you’re feeling the pressures of hosting, I can even relieve all your stress by hosting your entire event.

My performances are not just about the magic. They are about working closely with you to create a unique and tailored experience for you and your guests.

Magic With Confidence

So, this event you’re organising: it’s a lot of work, isn’t it?  So many choices! 

The good news is that you’re in safe hands. I perform at 150 to 200 events annually and have hundreds of independently rated customer reviews on Trust Index.  You can also view my many Corporate Magician Testimonials from companies you will know.

Why not check out my Video Showreels to get a feel for my performance style?

And speaking of style…

So what is my style? Well, two things sum up my performance style: I’m skilled, and I’m funny. Very funny.

If you watch me at any live event, you’ll see two reactions from my audience.  They will either be unselfconsciously gasping or laughing out loud… and what event couldn’t benefit from that?

That’s whether you want to bring people together and have them socialise with some close-up magic or make a big impact with a grand finale to everyone from the stage.

Wedding Magician Performs to Best Man

My magic can even leave the best man lost for words!

Nothing To Hide Behind But My Own Skills

From experience, I know that the entertainment you chose can have a HUGE impact on your event.  That’s why I have put in my ten thousand hours, mastering my craft and honing my magical repertoire to include sleight-of-hand strong enough to look like real magic to jaw-dropping telekinesis.
I can confound people with mentalism and mind-reading or even recreate the Uri Geller illusion of transforming cutlery into rubber in a spectator’s hand.
And everything I perform with can be examined. Audiences love that I use simple, everyday objects in my magic, often borrowed from my spectators. There are no weird props or strange boxes. The most unusual thing I carry is a pack of cards… oh, and a teacup!
Simply put, I have nothing to hide behind but my own skills… and that’s a situation I love. More importantly, my spectators love it, too.

Are You A Member of..?

Yes, I am!  In 2004, I joined The Magic Circle, the world’s most celebrated society for magicians. Later, I was promoted to Associate of The Inner Magic Circle for performance excellence. This is the highest level achievable based solely on ability.

In 2018, I won second place in the UK’s most prestigious close-up magic competition, The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of The Year. So, you can be confident that your guests will experience world-class magic from an award-winning magician. They even gave me a certificate to prove it!


The Magic Circle logo – A badge of excellence

Professional Magician For Hire

I’m based in Wokingham, Berkshire, just west of London. Although I work primarily as a Magician in London and the Home Counties of Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, I also travel worldwide for fun and exciting opportunities.

To make a booking or discuss your event, the easiest ways to get in touch are:

There’s always something that an experienced Professional Magician like me can add to your event. Go on, get in touch.