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Banish Thumb-Twiddling On Your Big Day. Close-Up Magic Gets Everyone Talking.


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Close-Up Magic Can Capture Leads and Build A Crowd Around Your Exhibition Stand.

Simon Alexander: Professional Magician

Welcome to my site! I’m Simon Alexander. I’m a professional magician and I’m lucky enough to be able to make my living doing what I love: adding moments of astonishment and laughter to important celebrations all around the world! From magic at large corporate events or weddings to intimate private parties. I can perform intimate close-up magic to small groups or entertain larger audiences from the stage. This means that I can adapt my performance to suit your event.

Hiring The Right Magician For You

Just like musicians, magicians can have hugely different approaches, styles and repertoires? Their styles can be as different as Baroque music is to rock music. So it’s important to find a performer who suits the tone of your own unique event.

To get a feel for my performance style, check out my Video Showreels. Most importantly, you can find out what others think, by taking a look at my Corporate Magician Testimonials and Private Client Reviews.

So that’s my style; what about my substance? What sort of magic do I do and how will it suit your event?

The most important thing to say here is that I will take the time to find out about what YOU are looking for and then choose the effects from my repertoire that will compliment your event perfectly.

My aim is to have something to suit all occasions. So, over the years I’ve developed a broad repertoire of magical effects. These range from eye-popping sleight-of-hand, that’s strong enough to look like real magic, to gravity-defying telekinesis.

I perform mentalism, mind-reading and can even appear to turn cutlery to rubber with Uri-Geller style metal bending.

Close-up Corporate Event Magic

Close-Up Magic at a Corporate Event

Adding Some Fun & Laughter to a Wedding

I use simple, everyday objects when I perform.  More often than not, these are borrowed from the spectators themselves, which adds an extra layer or impossibility. I use no weird props or strange boxes. In fact, the most unusual thing that I carry with me is a pack of cards. (Oh, and a teacup!) This means that I have nothing to hide behind but my own skills… and that’s a situation that I really love. More importantly, spectators seem to really appreciate it too.

Magic With Confidence

You’re in safe hands. I perform at 150 to 200 events each year. So, as well as the independent online reviews above, I have hundreds of glowing testimonials from both corporate and private clients.

Spectators really love it when magicians perform with borrowed objects. In fact, my most requested feat is to wrap a spectator’s own watch in their hand and then magically change the hands to the time that they suggest. (I can even do this from across a room.) I’ve performed this feat many thousands of times and it’s completely safe.  But watches can be expensive. What if something were to go wrong?

Like any serious professional magician or entertainer, I wouldn’t dream of borrowing people’s valuables without Public Liability Insurance. As a member of the performer’s union Equity, I have insurance cover up to £10 million. Rest assured, I’ve never had to use it but it does mean that my bookers can relax. safe in the knowledge that everything is covered.

Wedding Magician Performs to Best Man

My magic can even leave the best man lost for words!

The Magic Circle

In 2004 I achieved Membership of The Magic Circle, the world’s most celebrated society for magicians. Later, I was promoted to Associate of The Inner Magic Circle and awarded the Silver Star for performance excellence. This is a high as it’s possible to rise within the organisation by ability alone.

In 2018 I achieved second place in the UK’s most prestigious close-up magic competition: The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician Of The Year. So you can be sure that your guests will experience some truly world-class magic from an award-winning magician. They even gave me a certificate to prove it!


The Magic Circle logo – A badge of excellence

Professional Magician For Hire

I’m based in Wokingham in Berkshire, which is just west of London. Although I work mostly as a Magician in London and the Home Counties of Surrey, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, I’m happy to travel for fun or exciting opportunities.

If you would like to make a booking or discuss your event, the easiest ways to get in touch are:

I’m always happy to discuss the various options for how your event could benefit from an experienced Professional Magician. I look forward to hearing from you.