Why Hire A Wedding Magician?

I once asked a bride why she wanted to hire a wedding magician. She replied …

“Our guests have been so generous.  Hiring a magician is our gift to them.” 

Isn’t that such a lovely sentiment? For this couple, having me as part of their special day was about making sure that their guests enjoyed it every bit as much as they did.

And it’s true. Close-up magic is a great way to bring guests together, break the ice between strangers or simply add fun and laughter to your day. Check out my wedding showreel below to see the different packages I offer.

Our guests LOVED you. They all came up to us asking. “How did he do that? He must be a real wizard!” Aimee and I will always be scratching our heads from the magic you showcased. You have a way with people, very smooth and clearly a peoples person; these are all attributes that add to the experience and to you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You really did blow our guests and our minds. Our day just wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Ross & Aimee Pring – Rivervale Barn, Hampshire

Simon Alexander At Your Wedding

I LOVE performing at weddings. The buzz that I get, coupled with the feedback that I receive tells me that, of all the types of events that I work at, a wedding is where I can make the most difference.

Finding the right entertainment for your special day is a big decision. A good place to start would be to get a feel for my performance style with my Video Showreels.

You can also find out more about me by visiting my Professional Magician Page.

Wedding Magician performs to gasping bride and groom

We honestly cannot thank you enough for everything on the day and for helping our dreams come true. We cannot express how much everybody loved having you there. People genuinely were amazed at the magic you performed. My gran can’t believe her watch disappeared! Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

Matt & Charlie Jaggard – Gate Street Barn in Surrey

Wedding Magic and When to Use It

Wedding Magic can be used throughout your day. I recommend three points in particular that can really benefit from the skills of a professional wedding magician.

Strolling Magic at the Drinks Reception

Following the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are usually occupied with the wedding photographer. Some guests may not know each other and everyone will be “dry”.

This means that this part of the day can be a little slow.  So, it’s an ideal time for me to mingle with small groups, performing short bursts of Close Up Magic.

I pay particular attention to guests at a ‘loose end’ and try to involve them with other groups. Close Up Magic can provide a real talking point to help guests get to know each other. The skill of a good strolling magician at the reception can really set the tone for a great day.

Wedding Magician performs to screaming bridesmaids

A Magician at the Wedding Breakfast

Friends and family often come from very different parts of your lives.  So, it goes without saying that strangers will often be seated next to each other during the meal.

By performing table magic between courses, (never while people are eating) I can help to alleviate awkward silences by performing short sets of Close Up Magic at each table. The applause from around the tables adds an air of expectation to those awaiting a performance and helps to generate an upbeat, unselfconscious atmosphere around the room.

By working in harmony with the waiting staff, I perform first to those waiting longest for their courses. This helps the meal to run as smoothly as possible.

And while we’re on the subject of the meal, I wrote an article on the best time to perform the wedding speeches.  People have told me that it’s been very helpful.  If you’re still undecided, you might want to check it out.

Astonished reaction to close-up magician card trick

Magic at the Evening Reception

So, the anxiety of the speeches and the ceremony have been forgotten. The evening reception is a time to relax and have fun. This can be a great opportunity for guests to enjoy some good fun close-up magic in a ‘mix and mingle’ style. A skilled wedding magician performing throughout the evening will help to finish your wedding day in style.

Thank you so much for your work on Sunday. Our guests are still talking about you and I do believe you will be the ‘talk of the town’ for a long time! The way you worked the room and made sure everyone got a chance to see your tricks was perfect. We are so glad we found you.

Claire Snaddon – Ufton Court in Berkshire

Frequently Asked Questions

At which points do most couples use wedding magic?

Over ninety percent of the couples who book me use me at some combination of the afternoon reception and wedding breakfast. This makes good sense as, during the early parts of the day, guests are “dry” and many people don’t know each other. Magic can act as a real “social lubricant” at these times.
Also, performing throughout the wedding breakfast means that everyone should get to see some magic.
The remaining couples book me for their evening reception. Personally, I think that the evenings tend to take care of themselves a bit more. But some couples want some extra pzazz for the end of their day and I’m always happy to oblige.

What type of magic works best at a wedding?

It’s important to keep the magic lighthearted and fun. Lots of laughter will really set the tone for your day.
It’s likely that you may have diverse groups of people from different areas of your life attending. So a magician with a broad skill base and wide repertoire is more likely to have something to please everyone.
I can mix sleight-of-hand magic with mentalism and mind-reading and even incorporate some “Uri Geller style” metal bending and telekinesis, .

How many people can one magician cover at a wedding?

During a three-course meal, a single magician should usually be able to cover roughly one hundred and twenty guests.

Can you organise additional magicians?

Yes, I have a network of talented colleagues whom I work alongside. I’ve worked with each on many occasions and have always received great feedback from clients.
For ease, I can act as a single point of contact and undertake all the liaison for you.

Fabulous! Just wanted to say how great it was to see you on Saturday. The buzz that you caused was amazing. People were coming up all evening and telling us how gobsmacked they were.

Gary Levell – Old Luxter’s Barn, Henley, Oxfordshire

What’s The Next Step?

Get in touch to find out more about how a professional magician can help make your wedding a day that will be talked about for years to come.