The Most Astonishing Magic, Right Before Your Eyes.

A good Close Up Magician performs some of the most intriguing and fascinating magic in the world.  This is because close up magic has an intimacy that can  be lost on a huge stage.  What could be more astonishing than magic right before your eyes… and even in the palm of your hand?

I perform my magic with everyday objects, often borrowed from the pockets of those around me. Borrowed bank notes, coins, rings and watches all appear in my set. Magic simply doesn’t get more personal than that.

I have nothing to hide behind but my own skills… and, as a close-up magician that’s a situation I love.

Close Up Magician performs magic to laughing woman.

Close-Up Magic Gets Amazing Reactions.

To add extra fascination, I blend sleight-of-hand with psychological principles, drawn from the art of mentalism. This “mind magic” is strong enough to make spectators gasp in disbelief.

Is a Close Up Magician Right For Your Event?

Close Up Magician performs close-up magic to applauding bride and groom

A Close-Up Magician can perform strolling or at the table.

You may have heard the terms “Table Magician“, “Strolling Magician“, “Mix and Mingle” or “Sleight-of-Hand Magician.” These phrases demonstrate perfectly the versatility of Close Up Magic and the array of situations that it can enhance.

There’s no specialist equipment or lengthy set-up. So Close Up Magic can be used whenever and wherever it’s needed. It doesn’t demand attention from a stage. Instead, it involves those who wish to be involved and bypasses anyone who doesn’t.  You’d be hard pushed to find entertainment that’s as flexible or better suited to such a wide variety of social situations.

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I’ve performed at over 1,500 weddings, corporate events and private parties.  So I have a wealth of experience to show how I could use MY skills to get the most from YOUR event.

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