Party Magician For Hire

A good Party Magician can help to transform your anniversary or special birthday from an event into a real occasion.

Many of the concerns that every party-planner has before an event can be put to rest simply by adding some Close Up Magic to the mix.

How can I encourage guests to talk to each other and socialise? How do I make sure the atmosphere won’t fall flat?

Close-Up magic, performed while causally mingling with guests, will create a real buzz of excitement … and the laughter and gasps are contagious.

Party Magician at Produces A Bottle of Champagne
That’s what you need: a magician who brings a bottle!
Party Magician performs table magic
A magician can break the ice and add laughter to your party or celebration.

So by booking me as a Party Magician, you can feel confident that your celebration is in safe hands. I’ve had the pleasure of performing at hundreds of private celebrations all around the world. So if you’d like to find out first-hand what a difference my magic has made, take a look at some recent Client Feedback.

Also, you can get a feel for my style by viewing some Performance Footage or by visiting my Professional Magician Page.

Finally, I can even round off your event with a stand-up magical presentation to everyone. This is a great way to involve the guest of honour or simply to finish your party in style!

More Peace Of Mind

I am a Member Of The Magic Circle and Equity and was promoted to Associate of The Inner Magic Circle with Silver Star for performance excellence in 2007.

Most noteworthy, I received second place in The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician Of The Year in 2018.

Get in touch to find out how your event could benefit from a professional Party Magician.