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Wedding Day Timings: A Rough Guide To What Happens When

The Running Order And Approximate Timings For A Traditional Western Wedding In my roles as a Magical Emcee and Toastmaster, I must have attended over a thousand weddings.  So, when I’m helping couples to plan their big day, not only do they ask me about the running order of a traditional wedding day, but also […]

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When Are The Best Times For Wedding Magic?

Strolling Magic at the Drinks Reception Table Magic at the Wedding Breakfast And while we’re on the subject of the meal, I wrote an article on the best time to perform the wedding speeches.  People have told me that it’s been very helpful.  If you’re still undecided, you might want to check it out. Strolling […]

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When Is The Best Time For Wedding Speeches?

Speeches At The Beginning Or End Of The Wedding Breakfast? Couples often ask my advice on what makes a really good wedding day.  And the question that I’m asked most often is, “When is the best time for wedding speeches? Should we do the speeches at the beginning or the end of the meal?” Throughout […]

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